Yocto net D6 Web is a Network Gateway and Energy Automation meter for the supervision and the energy management of any kind of system in the industrial, commercial, civil or renewable energies. By using Yocto net D6 Web and the other measuring meters from the Electrex product range it will permit you to manage any kind of energy data and environmental parameters such as electricity, gas, water, compressed air, temperature, humidity, luminosity or CO2 with a single system.

Yocto net D6 Web allows you to connect simultaneously from different locations via Ethernet to the Electrex meters connected to its RS485 or ExpBus port. It serves also as a Modbus TCP/IP, WEB and FTP server.

Yocto net D6 Web Log includes data logging functions for storing trend data for all the measurements collected from the Electrex meters connected in the RS485 sub-network.

Yocto net Wi-Fi D6 Web and Yocto net Wi-Fi EDA D6 Web versions are able to connect to your existing Wi-Fi network for control of the meter from any device with a browser such as your PC, smart-phone or tablet that is part of the same network.