Yocto net is a network gateway enabling simultaneous access from PCs and PLCs (via Ethernet and RS232 serial port) to Electrex analysers and meters connected to the RS485 network. It combines the functions of a Modbus/TCP server, WEB server and FTP server. The Yocto net is upgradable by software PUK codes.

Yocto net log is an upgradable PUK code that adds the ability to datalog the parameters acquired via RS485 network (Modbus-RTU protocol) by Electrex meters to the Yocto net.

Yocto net master manages the customised web pages and the e-mail alarms (and SMS alarms if connected to the Yocto gate master) detected from all the Electrex meters connected to an Ethernet network by two or more Yocto net and/or Yocto net log meters.