Yocto net Upgrade Mail Alarm is a software upgrade activated by PUK entry on the Yocto net’s configuration page it adds the possibility to manage functions of Energy Automation such as turning on/off alarms/alerts/notifications. It also allows for automatic modification of parameters such as event notification sending depending on conditions of the changing state of measurement registers of any of the Electrex meters present on the network.

For example, if a Femto meter detects a power threshold exceeding a preset value, the Yocto net can be configured to change the measurement register of another instrument’s output such as a Yocto I-O. This can have the effect of turning off a switchable load so that the absorbed power will be decreased. The Yocto net can be configured to send an e-mail to the relevant personnel, such as maintenance people when an event occurs.

The event notifications can be sent via e-mail or SMS if using the Yocto Gate, to multiple recipients. It is also possible on the Yocto net to have a web page to review all the alarm states and a web page with the logs. As the pages are available online, they can be displayed on any device with a browser such as PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

The additional software upgrade of the Yocto net Upgrade Calendar, will allow you can manage functions for Energy Automation to turn on/off alarms/alerts/notifications and automations based on a yearly calendar which can as be configured on a minute/hour/day/month basis.