The Yocto net Upgrade Web Open is software activated by PUK entry on the Yocto net’s configuration page. The upgrade will activate an additional memory space where customised WEB pages can be hosted. The Yocto net upgrade Web software needs to be installed before the activation of this upgrade.

The customised web pages will display data on electric energy, temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc. on charts or tabular form. The customised web pages are hosted within the Yocto net and not on PC but can be displayed from any PC, Tablet, Smart phone with a browser. The web pages can also display measurements coming from different devices (X3M, Femto, Atto, Deca Sensor, Yocto I-O, etc.) and the different parameters (electric energy, gas m3, luminosity, humidity, environmental temperature, contact temperature, etc.).

We are able to arrange training courses on how to design a customised the WEB pages or can on request develop these to the client’s requirements.