Femto 4Hall D6 is an Energy Analyser & Data Manager for the measurement of electrical parameters for direct current DC and logging of energy. It is equipped with an RJ45 port for connecting to Ethernet networks and an ExpBus port for high speed communication with expansion Modules. The meter can be upgraded with an optional PUK upgrade to a net version (becoming a Web Data Manager). The meter can then serve as a bridge and a data-logger for other Electrex devices connected to it through RS485.

The net version also has a FTP and Web Server and includes the Upgrade Web option. This model can display on a web page all the measurements available on the instruments display. The optional Wi-Fi connection allows you to manage and display the data through an existing Wi-Fi network. The data can be viewed from any device with a browser such as a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

The Femto 4Hall D6 exclusively uses the split current transformers Electrex CTS DC HALL (4 current inputs for up to 4 Hall effect transformers). The Femto 4Hall D6 includes the NFC technology that opens the possibility for the creation of specific energy management APPs for mobile devices.

The meter is suitable for applications in renewable energy generation, storage, telecom, data-centers, and other DC systems.