Femto D4 DC is a counter and analyser of DC Energy with a backlight LCD graphic display. The The meter is equipped with an extremely accurate and versatile microprocessor designed to meet the most demanding applications of electrical parameter power analysis and energy supply monitoring in the photovoltaic, telecommunication and battery systems. Measurements made by the meter include voltage, current, power and energy. Maximum and minimum values of voltage and current are also monitored. Input to the meter is possible through 60mV
or 100mV for shunt.

The instrument can be integrated with other Electrex products to set up a monitoring system for energy or other parameters (temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc.) and alarms.

The meter can also be remotely accessed via GSM or Internet. This makes it is possible to constantly monitor the status of the plant to check manually or automatically for possible malfunctions (e.g. a string of the photovoltaic plant that stops producing photovoltaic energy), any theft or tampering (e.g. solar panels ) or access to restricted areas.

The Femto D4 DC HALL has the same features of the Femto D4 DC but has been designed for the CTS DC Hall current transformers connected to the meter through a converter.