AirQPro – Integrated system for monitoring and managing Indoor Air Quality

AirQPro is the Electrex Sensing Solution that allows you to monitor key environmental parameters with the ability to create alerts / alarms (E-mail), interconnect (API, MQTT) with sanitation systems and HVAC systems and to help optimise energy consumption.

AirQPro is integrated into an elegant case with Wi-Fi Web Data Manager (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) technology for the acquisition, local recording and publication on dashboards / graphs of the following parameters:

😷 VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)Electrex Sensing Solutions

🛢️ CO2eq (CO2 equivalent)

🏭 PM1, PM2.5, PM10 (Particulate matter)

🌡️ Temperature

💧 Relative humidity

💨 Atmospheric pressure

AirQPro allows for the simple management of the environmental conditions and thanks to its built-in web server data can be consulted remotely via smartphone, tablet or PC.

AirQPro can be configured as Master or Slave device allowing to create networks composed of several AirQ units. The connection can be wired (Ethernet and RS485 serial) and wireless (Wi-Fi and 868Mhz).

AirQLite is the version for the measurement of VOC and CO2eq. The AirQLite devices can be inserted into a network as a Slave of an AirQPro using an RS485 serial connection or 868MHz wireless.

Download AirQ Datasheet