AirQ Sani O3 – Sanitise environments in a sustainable way using ozone.

The AirQ Sani O3 Sani Solution allows the sanitisation of environments and surfaces using Ozone and also the monitoring of environmental parameters.  The same device is able to create alerts / alarms (E-mail, Telegram) and interconnect with sanitation systems and HVAC systems (API, MQTT) optimising energy consumption.

AirQ Sani O3 includes, in an elegant case, an advanced system for measuring and sanitising environments, surfaces and objects through the production of Ozone.

The Wi-Fi Web Data Manager technology (IEEE 802.11b / g / n) through an advanced calendar, allows you to program the activation times and the local recording of the sanitation processes.   All through smartphone, tablet and PC using the embedded web interface.

Features of AirQ Sani O3:

  • Production of 10,000mg / h of Ozone
  • Does not require product refills
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Centralised management for large buildings, Retail, etc.


😷 Measurement of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Ozone (O3)

🛢️ CO2eq (CO2 equivalent)

🌡️ Temperature

💧 Relative Humidity

💨 Atmospheric Pressure

Optional monitoring of 🏭 PM (Particulate)


The AirQ Sani O3 devices can be networked with AirQPro devices for a complete solution for sanitising, monitoring and managing indoor air quality.

Ozone is the ideal solution for destroying bacteria, mould and viruses and remove bad smells.

Download AirQ Sani O3 Datasheet