The Femto ECT RJ45 D6 H is an Energy Analyser and Data Manager. The dual core microprocessor provides an extremely versatile and precise design to meet the most sophisticated applications of monitoring electrical parameters and electricity management in the tertiary, industrial, public and residential sectors.

The meter has a high accuracy class 0.5S for the Active Energy and the measurements of the single harmonics up to the 51st order are obtained by continuously sampling the waveforms of
voltages and currents to a very high resolution, thus ensuring the maximum accuracy even in the presence of rapidly variable loads.

The Femto ECT RJ45 D6 H is equipped with an RS485 slave port and an Ethernet port (optional Wi-Fi) and, depending on the version can be equipped internally with an input / output card or with an environmental sensor card. It has a 128MB high capacity memory for the implementation through PUK codes of additional multiple functions and has an architecture that allows you to modify the firmware by uploading either locally or remotely.

The meter is also equipped with an Expansion Bus, for the connection of digital and analog Input / Output modules, for environmental sensors and is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Femto ECT net D6 H Web is an Energy Analyser and Web Data Manager, the open platform can be connected to Ethernet or the Internet via the RJ45 port (and Wi-Fi). Continuous monitoring of energy efficiency can be made through the measurement and management of energy parameters such as electricity, gas or water. Environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, luminosity and CO2 can also be monitored along with other process parameters.

The internal analyser can make measurements of energy quantity and power quality through a Web server and FTP server. Communication is also possible to other devices via the master RS485 and the ExpBus.

The Wi-Fi versions allow you to manage and view data with all Wi-Fi devices with a browser in your existing Wi-Fi network.

The Femto 25A D D6 measures directly the ‘small’ currents up to 25A without using external current transformers. It has the same features and expandability options of the Femto ECT D6. The Femto ECT D6 only works with the Electrex ECT Current Transformers.