The Femto ECT RJ45 D6 H is an Energy Analyser and Data Manager. The dual core microprocessor provides an extremely versatile and precise design to meet the most sophisticated applications of monitoring electrical parameters and electricity management in the tertiary, industrial, public and residential sectors.
The Kilo RJ45 H is available as in a DIN rail or 96×96 model. The meter is a Power Quality Energy Analyser and Data Manager. Based on a Dual Core Cortex-M4 microprocessor, it gives outstanding flexibility and accuracy designed to meet the most demanding applications of monitoring of electrical parameters and electrical energy and power quality management in
industrial, tertiary, commercial and residential sectors. The high accuracy class 0.5S for Active Energy and measurements of individual harmonics up to 51st order are obtained by
continuously sampling the waveforms of the voltages and currents with a very high resolution. This ensures the maximum accuracy even in the presence of rapidly varying
loads. The meter manages the power quality with functions related to the EN50160 standard (peaks, holes, interruptions, harmonics) and to EN 61000-4-30 for class S with graphic details of the event, table and timeline of power quality events. Campaigns for measurement of selectable parameters and programmable sampling frequency can also be made.

The Kilo RJ45 PQ is equipped with a slave RS485 port, an Ethernet port and has an option for Wi-Fi. Depending on the version it can also be equipped with an internal module for inputs/outputs or environmental sensors. The meter has a 128 MB high capacity memory and can have additional function added through PUK codes upgrades. The architecture allows the firmware to be uploaded & updated even remotely. Additionally the meter is equipped with an expansion bus, ExpBus, for the connection of digital and analog inputs/outputs, environmental sensors modules and supports NFC(Near Field Communication).

Kilo net PQ Web is a Power Quality Energy Analyser and Web Data Manager. It has an open platform which allows the meter to be connected to the Ethernet / Internet via RJ45 or with an optional Wi-Fi connection. The meter can continuously monitor the energy efficiency through the measurement and management of the energy parameters (electricity, gas, water, etc.), environmental parameters (temperature, luminosity, CO2, etc.) and process parameters.

The meter measures electrical parameters and power quality and it is a Web and FTP Server. Communication and management of other Electrex devices can also be made via the RS485 master port and the ExpBus port.

The Wi-Fi versions allows you to manage and display the data from any device having a browser such as PC, Smartphone or Tablet from your existing Wi-Fi network.