The Lyra devices are the ideal solution for applications of measurement, monitoring and management of energy and environmental carriers in the commercial and residential sector.

The Lyra series can be used also for remote control, alarm management, building automation, and similar applications.

Lyra ECT Net H is an Energy Analyser and Wi-Fi Web Data Manager (also battery powered) for the measurement of electrical parameters in Low Voltage and the logging of various other energy carriers . The device also measures individual harmonics up to the 51st order and is compliant exclusively with Electrex ECT Current Transformers.

The meter is equipped with connection for ethernet and environmental sensors to connect the Lyra ECT RS485 Two Energy Analyser, the Lyra I-O or other RS485 Modbus RTU devices to the RS485 network.

  • Lyra ECT RS485 Two Energy Analyser contains 2 x three/single phase measurement meters. The meter exclusively uses the Electrex ECT Current Transformers and must be connected in an RS485 network to a device of the Net range of products.
  • Lyra I-O consists of digital/analog inputs/outputs and must be connected in an RS485 network to a device of the Net range of products.

The Lyra ECT Net H is equipped with a FSTN dot matrix display with high contrast, backlit white LED. The display allows for the simultaneous display of 4 measurements and their identification symbol with high visibility characters.

A 6 key Joystick keypad and menu list on the display, provide simple configuration and use of the instrument. The user can define a default page to be displayed when powering on the meter. On the front panel 2 calibration and control LEDs pulse with a frequency proportional to the imported Active and Reactive Energy which can be used for onsite calibration with optical devices.

The Lyra ECT Net H meters are suitable for LV single phase systems for 1 to 3 simultaneous measuring points, bi-phase, three phase 3 and 4 wires with various current full scales (e.g. up to 400A). The meters are able to perform 2 or 4 quadrant (import/export) measurements.

Configuration is possible from the keypad or via Energy Brain software. The Lyra ECT Net H is also available with a backup battery to keep the microprocessor and any temperature, humidity and light sensors connected to it active in the event of power failures.

The Wi-Fi version communicates with your existing Wi-Fi network and is equipped with an external directional antenna. The device can include a digital and/or analog inputs and/or
outputs board or an environmental sensors connection board.

Lyra ECT Net H is equipped with a 10/100 Base-TX (RJ45) Auto-MDIX Ethernet port for the “http” communications to allow for memory and real time measurements and for “Modbus over IP”. It is equipped also with a serial RS485 port which is protected against over voltage, using Modbus-RTU, master type, allowing to connect other Electrex devices in a sub-network.

Lyra ECT Net is equipped with a clock and calendar with real time management of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). It also manages the rules for the automatic switching between Standard Time at Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time) and allows for Automatic
synchronization via NTP.