Exa MID D6 is an energy analyser suitable LV and three phases 3 or 4 wire systems.

The meter is equipped with an extremely versatile and precise microprocessor, RS485 Modbus port and digital inputs and outputs. The measurement are made in True RMS and are obtained by continuously sampling voltage and current waveforms. The meter has automatic offset compensation of the internal amplifiers. The angle error of the internal current transformers are also compensated to ensure the maximum precision regardless the load variability, the signal level and the environmental conditions. The resolution of 64 bits ensures also a high accuracy of the energy measurement even in the presence of small loads.

The meter complies with EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3 standards. The meter also complies with MID conformity assessment procedure modules B and F and the 2004/22/CE directives. Accuracy of the meter is Class 1 according to EN 62053-21, Class B according to EN 50470-3.