Energy Brain is software for the management of energy as producer, consumer or both as prosumer. The software can be used for various energy types including gas, water, steam, compressed air and for environmental and process parameters such as luminosity, temperature and calories.

Energy Brain software allows you to produce and perform

  • Manage historical data (trends, reports and graphs)
  • Monitor real time readings
  • Management of your Power Quality
  • Calendar functions
  • Make measurement campaigns
  • Log of events and set alarms
  • Perform cost center analysis
  • Import/export of
    • Power and energy data
    • Baseline information
    • EnPI – Energy Performance Indicator
    • KPI – Key Performance Indicators.

Using additional options it is possible to

  • Generate and automatically send notification emails including various customised reports.
  • Display and manage via a web browser from any device (PC, Tablet , Smartphone)
  • Look at real time and historical data retrieved from Electrex meters.

Energy Brain and the Electrex devices are the ideal solution for energy audits, continuous monitoring (e.g. ISO 50001) and for energy efficiency projects (e.g. EU-Directive 2012-27 and White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates).