In addition to power and energy analysis the Electrex monitoring and control solutions can also be used to measure environmental parameters. One way to integrate these parameters is by adding more sensors to the same monitoring system.

The sensors may be connected in an RS485 network (DecaSensor RS485 or RS485 Node Box SI with Sensor Bus) or via the wireless protocol E-Wi 2.4 Ghz (based on the IEEE802.15 .4 standard) or E-Wi at 868MHz, or connected to the Ethernet / Wi-Fi via Electrex devices with built-in SI module (Net series and Libra panel with built-in SI module).

Depending on the type of connection or sensor used, it is possible to measure one or more parameters such as ambient temperature, temperature on contact (e.g. Solar PV panels, boiler’s in-our water temperature), relative humidity, luminosity, pressure, differential pressure as well as counting the impulses from energy, gas, water, etc. meters.

The variety of sensors allow you to set up applications for indoor/outdoor environmental parameters monitoring in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. While in Energy Automation applications the sensors can be used for remote controlling, alarm and notification management and building automation.