Zepto is a microprocessor based Multimeter, Power Meter, Energy Meter and Analyser designed to meet the most demanding applications of electrical parameters analysis and energy supply monitoring in the industrial and residential environment. The instrument combines the functions of multimeter, power meter and energy meter and analyser.

All the readings are True RMS and they are obtained from the continuous sampling of the voltage and current waveforms in order to ensure the maximum metering accuracy of rapidly varying loads. A sophisticated digital measurement method with a compensation system of the internal amplifiers’ offsets ensures the maximum metering accuracy and stability irrespective of the signal level and the environmental working conditions.

The meter has three displays, each with 3 digits with a floating point which allows for the simultaneous reading of 3 parameters. Alternatively the displays can be used as a 9 digit reading of the energy counters. The high brightness red led displays provide a superior reading visibility, from up to 7metres away, even in the presence of intense light. 3 keys on the instrument front panel make the instrument intuitive and use to simple.

The meter is design to be versatile for different applications with the Zepto suitable for virtually all type of electrical grid

  • 3 and 4 wire
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • Balanced or unbalanced
  • Single and bi phase
  • Low Tension and High Tension
  • Measurement with 1, 2 or 3 CTs as well as for 2 quadrant measurement.

A simple keyboard programming allows the setting of all the operational parameters such as

  • Electrical grid type LV/HV
  • CT and VT ratios (free setting)
  • Integration time (1-60 min)
  • Digital output and alarms (thresholds, delays, hysteresis)
  • Digital input
  • RS485 serial communication.

The instrument set-up is password protected against undesired modifications.