The Giga Box is a Power Quality Energy Analyser and Web Data Manager.  The meter has current inputs for CTs and Current Clamps with 1A or 5A secondary outputs. The Giga F PQ Box net Web also has current inputs for Electrex Flexible CTs with mV outputs. Both versions are portable are designed to be a transportable Power Quality Energy Analyser & Web Data Manager for the temporary monitoring of electrical energy (quantity and quality) with the possibility to add other external Electrex devices via RS485 master and ExpBus ports.

The additional devices that can be added can used to monitor in a synchronous way (with the same reference clock) other energy parameters such as

  • Gas, water and steam
  • Environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, luminosity and CO2
  • Process parameters.

Designed for those who want to make a brief analysis of the energy situation in the industrial, commercial, civil sectors, for both consumption and production for prosumers.

The main features and functions include

  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Storing data of load curves / consumption / production of electricity
  • Storing events as max and min values, dips, swells, peaks, interruptions
  • Trigger functionality (showing the detail of the event) and their classification according to the Unipede table
  • Possibility of realising measurement campaigns with programmable parameters (e.g. harmonics) and sampling time.

The kit also includes the software Energy Brain SQL software which has as internal web server (Log 8 + Log 8 + Log 8, Web, Charts and two Open Log) and simplifies both the operation of configuration and data download. The software also can be used for analysis of real time measurements and historical trends  in both graphs and tables.

The connection to the PC can be done either locally via the Ethernet cable, and remotely via the Internet (option UPS Router Giga Box).