The RS485 Modules are devices to be included in an Electrex RS485 monitoring network for adding digital and/or analog inputs/outputs and/or sensors for environmental parameters.

Available in two different sizes:

  • 2 DIN rail module (RS485 Module D2)
  • 4 DIN rail module (RS485 Module D4).

The RS485 Module is also equipped with a serial RS485 protected against over voltage. The protocol used is the Modbus-RTU “full compliant” (suitable for communicating with a PLC or a SCADA. The data is read as numerical registers composed by mantissa and exponent in the IEEE format. The communication speed of the RS485 port is configurable up to 38.400 bps, with a maximum of 125 registers (equivalent to 62 parameters) requested with no waiting time between two requests assuring a high speed.