The Yocto gate is a multifunctional GSM gateway with built-in memory, clock and inputs/outputs, designed to support several simultaneous applications such as:

  • Logging of energy consumption data and detection of alarms in an RS485 network of Electrex meters
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Remote control
  • Alarm management

The Yocto gate operates as an independent supervisor of an RS485 network of Electrex meters. It autonomously scans and detects the alarm states, for example: the MD threshold, anomalies on given parameters. The gate can also collect the load profile data from the field meters and logs them into the built in memory. In case of alarms the meter can generate SMS messages or e-mail messages and fax messages where supported by the provider. These messages can be automatically circulated to a programmable list of users.

Each SMS contains the information about the meter generating the alarm, parameter and value. An alarm event can also be linked to anyone of the local output contacts for external alerting purposes such as an alarm bell or flashing light control. Via SMS message the user can deactivate the notification alarm and can modify the threshold of alarm and check the input output status.

The Yocto gate master is a special version of GSM gateway to be used with Yocto net master in complex networks. It allows the sending of SMS alarms detected from Electrex devices connected to the Ethernet network by means of two or more Yocto Net and Yocto Net Log.