Atto DC 3I is a DC transducer energy analyser designed to measure simultaneously three strings of a solar PV photovoltaic plant. Direct connection can be made through three 60mV or 100mV inputs for shunt connection.

Measurements include:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Powers and energies
  • Max. and min. voltage
  • Max. current.

The Atto DC 3I can be easily integrated with other Electrex instruments and Electrex networks used in monitoring and managing energy, environmental parameters (luminosity, temperature, humidity, etc.) and alarms which can also remotely monitored through GSM / Internet.

This makes it possible to constantly monitor the status of the plant, quickly and automatically for any malfunction such as when a string of the photovoltaic plant stops producing energy.

While through the Atto EcoAlarm, a voltage divider equipped with an alarm system, we can be used to notify you in case of theft or tampering of a solar panel.