New Cable Fault Detectors Website

Sonel has expanded their range of cable fault location and cable fault detection test equipment with the addition of Hi-Pot DC Tester, DC Cable Test Sets and VLF (Very Low Frequency) Testers. The Hi-Pot Tester operates at 25kV with the DC Cable Test Sets available in four models 50kV/80kV/110kV/120kV. VLF Testers are able to test at 24kV, 36kV, 44kV and 54kV.

These new range of fault location equipment complements their existing range of high current 100A/200A Micro-Ohmmeters, High Voltage 10kV/15kV Insulation Testers, Cable Avoidance Tools and their IP67 TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer).

To help you find the right Cable Fault Locator or Cable Fault Detector for your application, visit the Cable Fault Detectors website and learn more about the complete range.