An energy survey is the best way to understanding what and when you are using energy. An energy survey helps you to better plan and look at ways to improve your energy efficiency and energy management. We recommend that we conduct an energy survey during what you would consider a typical week. Larger projects or seasonal business may need additional surveys to better reflect their energy usage profile. The measurements we make are focused on your kW (Real Power), kVAR (Reactive Power), kVA (Apparent Power), V (Voltage) and A (Current) which will produce a detailed picture of your energy usage.

The survey is conducted over a 7 day / 1 week period and monitors the following electrical parameters

  • V – Voltage
  • A – Current
  • Hz – Fundamental Voltage Frequency
  • kW – Watts
  • kVA – Apparent Power
  • kVAR – Reactive Power
  • PF – Power Factor
  • THD V – Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage
  • THD I – Total Harmonic Distortion of Current