A EN50160 survey measures the power quality of the voltage supply. Your local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) is required to provide an electrical supply to the EN50160 standard.  EN50160 defines limits for Voltage Sags, Swells and Voltage Outages. The standard also provides limits for the harmonic content of the voltage supply to your electrical installation. Measurement is made with a Class A Power Quality Analyser as defined in the Testing and Measurement Techniques – Power Quality Measurement Methods standard IEC61000-4-30.

The results of our EN50160 are presented indicating if an electrical installation has either Passed or Failed the standard. It is important that by passing an EN50160 survey, the fault of Power Quality problems is removed from the Electricity Supplier and indicates that the power quality problems are potentially being caused elsewhere in the installation.

The survey is conducted over a 7 day / 1 week period and monitors the following electrical parameters

  • V – Voltage
  • Hz – Fundamental Voltage Frequency
  • Pst – Short Term Flicker of the Voltage
  • Plt – Long Term Flicker of the Voltage
  • THD V – Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage
  • Vunb – %Percentage of voltage unbalance. 3 Phase installations only.
  • Vh – Voltage Harmonics up to 25th

Reporting up to the 40th voltage harmonic is available on request. Please contact us to discuss the level of harmonic measurement required.