A harmonics survey measures both Voltage and Current Harmonics. The electrical measurements of both the relative (%percentage of RMS) harmonic and absolute (RMS) values are made. Analysis and observations of the harmonic measurements are made using the limits defined in the Engineering Recommendations G5/4-1. Reference and consideration is also made using the Voltage Harmonic limits defined in EN50160.

The survey is conducted over a 7 day / 1 week period and monitors the following electrical parameters

  • V – Voltage
  • A – Current
  • Hz – Fundamental Voltage Frequency
  • THD V – Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage
  • THD I – Total Harmonic Distortion of Current
  • Vh up to 40th – Odd and Even Voltage Harmonics (Relative Measurements)
  • Ih up to 40th – Odd and Even Current Harmonics (Absolute Measurements)

Measurement up to 50th harmonic is available on request. Please contact us to discuss the level of harmonic measurement required.