Industrial sites now typically have some form on Power Factor Correction equipment installed.  As with all electrical equipment, regular service and inspection is recommended.  Power Quality Expert are able to propose an Onsite Calibration check of your already existing PFC equipment.

We typically monitor the site load and performance over a 24 hour period, however we can provide a custom solution depending on our intial assessment of the installation.  By monitoring the Power Factor performance of the equipment we can also check the accuracy and its suitability for your installation.

The assessment also allows for an inclusion of a preventative maintenance schedule to be proposed as the sites profile changes.  Suitability of new technologies can also be investigated for sites with older installations and an assessed recommendation provided as part of the final certification.

All our Test Equipment is calibrated, certified and traceable back to National Standards to give confidence that our measurments are within manufacturer specifications.  Written certification is issued by us covering all points of the measured installation.  A service reminder can also be arranged at a schedule to suit your and the sites power requirements, with a historical profile maintained by us of the sites Power Factor and typical loads.