power-factor-correctionPower Factor Correction is one of the solutions we are able to recommend for our clients following on from the results of our site surveys.  Typically Power Factor gives an indication of how well your site and installation is using the kW power compared to the VA total power.  With some Utilities increasingly  imposing an additional cost to users on any kVAR reactive power generated by your installation.  Solutions, such as the ability to reduce harmonics, can help improve your power quality and potentially reduce your energy consumption and expenditure and can provide a real long term return on investment.

Power Quality Expert works with a number of market leading partners to provide some of our ancillary products and services.  All our partnerships are based on existing relationships within the Power and Energy industry which allows us to work closely to provide the best practice within a close client/provider liason solution.

Factors such as Unbalanced loads and Harmonics can affect the performance of electrical equipment and solutions to improve the quality of your supply can be proposed.  We have the capability to look at either Active or Passive Filter based systems depending on the profile of the sites performance and can also look at upgrading existing installations where your energy needs have grown with your business.