power-quality-energy-surveysPower Quality Expert initially propose a site inspection and visit based on your requirements, in order for us to identify and assess the problems you are encountering.  This helps us to clarify the requirements, evaluate the situation and operating constraints for the planning of the future service.  It also allows for us to qualify the amount of work involved, from which we can propose the solution, outlining the service and defining the methods required for your situation.

The power and energy solutions can be tailored to your requirements and can cover energy load profile surveys through to more detailed power and harmonic surveys where we can further highlight areas to improve your sites electrical network.

Once we have the go ahead to move onto the next stage of the survey with the initial setup of the equipment, we are able to identify key areas of interest which may include Harmonic Polution of the Network, Under-compensation of Power Factors, Unbalanced Loads, Flicker, Transient Disturbances, Over Voltage along with a basic view of where energy is being used.

We use the latest Power and Energy Test Equipment backup with years of experience and knowledge from the test and measurement industry.  The equipment is setup at the defining measurement points onsite with constant liason with your maintenance technicians.  All these operations are carried out within our standard operation procedures with the minimal disruption to the work on site.

After the survey measurements are complete we also propose an initial onsite debrief to present our initial findings and any interim recommendations.  A final detailed report of the results is then provided, listing all the measurements performed, identifying any problems observed during the survey along with our recommended solutions.  We are also able to present our findings in a formal presentation on larger projects where a long term consultative solution is required.