Power Quality Surveys

Monitoring for Power Quality Problems can ensure that your electrical supply complys to the latest EN50160 standard and that you have no problems with disturbances, over voltage, voltage harmonics, flicker and over factors that can lead to problems for site and electrical systems.  Surveys are conducted over a week to produce a report indicating a Pass or Fail in accordance with EN50160 limits which need to be complied to by your electrical supplier.  The Power Quality Analysers used to conduct these tests are to Class A accuracy and record all power system parameters to the EN61000-4-30 standard.

Harmonic Surveys

Also referred to as a G5/4-1 Survey, the results help to provide a profile of a sites electrical magnetic compatibility when considering adding additional loads. These Power Quality Surveys are typically held over one week and allow an analysis of the harmonic content of the site and existing electrical installations. Monitoring of both Voltage and Current Harmonics is made along with other indicators such as THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). These surveys can also include profiling of the power and energy used by the installation with a Energy Load Profiling survey.

Energy Load Profiling

Understanding what you are consuming is the first step in helping to plan energy reductions to save money or identify areas where you can expand and install additional loads onto your electrical system.  We recommend that the survey is produced over what you would consider a typical week with potential follow up surveys on larger projects to help reflect seasonal variations on some sites.  Areas of interest in these surveys are your kW (Real Power), kVAR (Reactive Power), kVA (Apparent Power), V (Voltage) and A (Current) which will produce a detailed picture of your energy usage.  We are also able to incorporate this profiling data into our other survey options where it is required.

To further expand on these surveys, if we identify other areas of interest following anaylsis of the results we can help by offering further testing and investigation of your power quality problems.