Power Quality Health Check

Our Power Quality Health Check is a simple structured report aimed at giving you an overview of your installations Power Quality and Energy (kW- Real or True Power, kVA – Apparent Power, kVAR – Reactive Power) Performance. Your individually prepared Power Quality Health Check will look at areas such as Voltage and Voltage Thresholds, Energy Usage, Power Factor and key Harmonic Indicators.  These electrical parameters are used to provide you with a simple “Traffic Light System” of Okay/Advisory/Investigate indicators of the sites electrical health.  Reports are made available online and are stored for you to make future reference through a unique customer report link.

For our clients who have ongoing access to equipment, we offer an additional facility to upload survey data from a wide selection of power quality analysers remotely to us for analysis through our dedicated web portal.  From here we are are able to prepare the report and offer easy online access through the Power Quality Health Check portal.

If there any areas of interest highlighted we will also add advisory comments in order to help you fully understand and see areas for improvement or advise on potential intermediary solutions.  We are also able to propose you a further Power Quality or Harmonic Survey based on the findings to help diagnose any important issues in more detail.