UV Corona Discharge Imaging Surveys are a Non Destructive Test that detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge.  The cameras and technology employed allow us to perform the surveys on live equipment without the need to shutdown or be in close proximity to the High Voltage equipment under survey.

We are able to identify issues relating to your preventative maintenance plan on Switchgear, High Voltage Systems, Transformers, Distribution Boards and Motors by locating the electrical discharge through the corona effect caused by partial discharge and measured by the UV camera. Utilising some of the latest technology the cameras are able to provide a visual indication of the corona against a live image of the equipment to provide a clear indication of where the issues are or where further investigation is needed before any major maintenance or faults can occur.

Typically and depending on the size of the project, we are able to complete the survey during a typical working day and provide an initial on site debrief of the work carried out and findings. We are then able to present a final written report along with recommendations. Ongoing and remedial work surveys can be arranged to review before and after results of your installation.

More information on the Corona Camera used can be seen at UV-260 Corona Camera.