voltage-optimisationVoltage Management and Optimisation is now a mature technology which is able to demonstrate real and practical savings.  Put simple, Voltage Optimisation is the reduction of the voltage supplied to electrical equipment.  Cost savings are then to be found in lower energy consumption, kW, and lower maintenance costs due to longer life expectancy of equipment.

Lower voltage supply is proposed by Power Quality Expert based on the 1995 legislation brought in by the European Union to standardise the voltage supplies across the EU.  Voltage levels where agreed to be within 230V +- 10{b2552a0ac29499fd0e2544235e7b110de9b420bce33cc9bee5cf00e7615d9fb6}.  On the European continent, voltage levels are typically between 220v-230v, with the UK operating at a national average of around 242v.

All modern electrical products produced with CE marking are designed to operate most efficiently at the 220v level with any Over Voltage potentially resulting in wasted energy consumption.  Therefore, depending on the site and presuming a simple linear resistive load such as a traditional electric motor or lighting, a 1{b2552a0ac29499fd0e2544235e7b110de9b420bce33cc9bee5cf00e7615d9fb6} decrease in voltage could see a potential 2{b2552a0ac29499fd0e2544235e7b110de9b420bce33cc9bee5cf00e7615d9fb6} reduction in power consumption.

However, Management and Optimisation of your voltage is not suitable for all sites and electrical loads.  This is where our Power Quality and Energy surveying services are proposed to establish if there is a genuine and real need for your site to take advantage of this technology.  For example, modern IT applications and LED lighting will not benefit from VO so potentially not all of your site could see savings from simply lowering the voltage.

A basic energy survey allows us to make an initial recommendation based on site loads and characteristics before any further investment needs to be considered.  By getting an overview of your existing installation we can look to propose any Energy Saving potential and Energy consumption reduction, along with the general suitability of Voltage Optimisation for your site.