The Sonel Test PD is a compact, portable meter designed for the effective testing of partial discharge from cable heads and cable joints under the voltage of 6 kV and higher. The test meter is easy to use thanks to integrated software with an advanced system which allows the user to quickly evaluate the condition of the object being analysed. This makes the device user-friendly for all service and maintenance personnel as it does not require any special training.

To test a cable or joint simply switch on the Sonel Test PD meter, install it on an insulating stick and bring it close to the object under test. The information about the current joint condition will be immediately displayed in the form of 4-colour histograms and a cross-section of the high voltage cable.

The Sonel TestPD also has a mobile application for Android devices which allows for the remote reading by Bluetooth of the instrument’s indications.

The meter has the following sensors and measurement ranges:

  • Acoustic ultrasonic sensor for partial discharge measurement (AC, 40 kHz).
  • Electromagnetic high-frequency sensor for partial discharge measurement (HF, 0.1…2 MHz).
  • Capacitive VHF sensor for partial discharge measurement (VHF, 2…100 MHz).
  • Partial discharge frequency range (АС: 40 kHz, HF: 0.1…2 MHz, VHF: 2…100 MHz)
  • Measured pulse dynamic range (АС: 80 dB, HF: 60 dB, VHF: 60 dB)
  • Non-contact pyrometer (-40°C …+120°C)
  • Industrial current frequency sensor for synchronization of measurements (N)

The standard accessories included with the meter are:

  • Transportation case
  • UDI-M6 adapter for connecting an insulating stick (index: WAADAUDIM6)
  • Euro-M6 adapter for connecting an insulating stick (index: WAADAEUROM6)
  • Charger with USB port
  • USB-microUSB cable
  • Instructions

Optional accessories available on request are:

  • Insulating stick
  • Partial Discharge defect simulator

Download Datasheet for Sonel TestPD