The MRU-120HD device enables assistance in measuring earth resistance:

  • earth resistance measurement with 3-pole,4-pole method
  • earth resistance measurement without disconnecting measured earths (using clamp)
  • two clamps earth resistance measurement without auxiliary test probes
  • continuity of equipotential bondings and protecting conductors
  • earth resistivity measurement

The device is dedicated to earth measurements in the power industry – range of measurement in accordance with IEC 61557-5: 0,30 Ω… 19,9 kΩ.

The HD version of the MRU-120 meter means intended for difficult conditions, where there is no place for compromises. Is designed everywhere where instruments must be resistant to impact, splashing, mud and dust.

Using the additional Sonel ERP-1 pylon tower testing adapter and the Sonel MRU-120 series of earth resistivity meters makes the measurement of the earth resistance of transmission line pylons and the earth resistance of the pylon tower footings easy to perform.

Download Datasheet MRU-120HD

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