High Current High Voltage Loop Impedance Meters

//High Current High Voltage Loop Impedance Meters

The Sonel range of high current and high voltage loop impedance meters allow for the measurement of PFC (Prospective Fault Current) on a wide range of networks. The MZC-310S is a high current short circuit loop impedance meter able to measure low impedance values with a resolution of 0.1 ohm with a test current of 150A at 230V and 280A at 440V or 23A at 230V and 42A at 440V. The MZC306 can measure short circuit impedance with a resolution of 0.01 ohm on electrical networks with an operating voltage of 110/190V, 115/200V, 127/220V, 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V, 290/500V, 400/690V (operating range 100V to 750V)

The newly launched MZC-320S has a test current of 130A at 230V and 300A at 550V or 24A at 230V and 30A at 550V. The meter meets the requirements of EN-61557.

MZC-310S and MZC-306 both meet the requirements of EN61010-1, EN61010-031, EN61326, EN61557, HD60364-6, HD60364-4-41 and EN04700.