MIC-15k1 meter is designed to measure insulation resistance of power objects, such as:

  • Single and Multicore Cables
  • Transformers
  • Motors and Generators
  • Capacitors, Switches and other Devices installed in Power Stations.

It is especially designed for making measurements in areas with very high electromagnetic disturbances, e.g. electrical substations operating up to 1200 kV AC and 500 kV DC. With the 15 kV measuring voltage (in accordance with ANSI / NETA ATS-2009 TABLES 100.1) the meter can be used for measuring objects with a nominal voltage above 34.5 kV.


  • Diagnostics of insulation systems based on standard measurements of IR, DAR, PI, SV, RT, DD, widened with the partial discharge (PD) indicator for all of these measurements.
  • It allows testing of the electrical durability of the object under test, with a breakdown voltage indication.
  • High resistance to electromagnetic interferences guarantees uninterrupted work in power stations and close to high voltage transmission lines of up to 1200 kV AC and 500 kV DC.
  • The function of smooth voltage rise in time (RT – Ramp Test) allows to show the partial discharges in the installation and to find the general location of the fault.
  • Efficient converter with a power of ~150 W that enables insulation burnout, allowing for pinpointing the location of cables and wires short circuit using one of the following:
    • visual method (if power cables are visible along the entire length
    • reflectometry methods
    • seismic-acoustic waves detector
    • with an A-frame to indicate direction of the fault (the conductor must be buried in the ground with earth directly contacted).
  • Compatible with external software.

Download Datasheet MIC-15k1