The Sonel Solar Duo Kit comprises of the Sonel flagship multi function tester, MPI-540-PV and the Sonel KT-128 Thermal Camera.

Sonel MPI-540-PV

Sonel MPI-540-PV is an extremely universal meter, designed in particular for testing photovoltaic installations. The device allows a complete set of tests on the DC and AC side – in accordance with the guidelines of EN 62446 standard. Measuring parameters related to the photovoltaic installation, the instrument will automatically convert them to the STC (Standard Test Conditions) reference conditions. Measurements of voltage, current and power on the AC and DC side of the inverter allow to verify its efficiency. Sonel Reports PLUS software enables creating PV installation test report with measurement results saved meter’s in memory.

  • Sonel MPI-540-PV: measurement of photovoltaic installations according to EN-62446 standard
  • Sonel MPI-540-PV: photovoltaic installation test report with Sonel Reports PLUS software
  • Three-phase power recorder – advanced power quality diagnostics
  • Real time display of network parameters – immediate evaluation of the test site conditions
  • Parameters measured in accordance to class S of EN 61000-4-30 standard – high accuracy of measurements
  • Energy cost calculator – quick evaluation of potential savings
  • Measurement of all parameters related to earthing and protection against electric shock – one device instead of several
  • Quick measurement of the fault loop impedance in networks secured with RCD without triggering (up to several seconds) – time saver
  • Auto measurements – the ability to perform automatic measurements in sequence – simplified measurements
  • Fast path from measurements to report – time saver
  • The largest touch screen on the market (7”) – remarkable ergonomics and ease of use
  • Removable microSD memory card – easy increase of memory capacity
  • Li-Ion battery – longer operation of the meter


Sonel KT-128

The Sonel KT-128 thermal imaging camera is a special camera. A cost-effective, practical and handy powerful tool for everyday work. The camera can be used for basic diagnostics. It is equipped with a sensor matrix with a resolution of 120 x 90 pixels, supported by a visual camera, laser pointer and additional features to fully meet the users needs.


KT-128 is used always when the temperature of objects is important and may affect the operation of the equipment. Particularly useful in:

  • Power engineering
  • Construction sector
  • Industry
  • HVAC


  • Measuring range -20°C…400°C
  • Quick start
  • Fast temperature measurement
  • Automatic signalling of exceeded alarm threshold
  • Saving IR images to SD card
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery with 5-hour working time
  • Interfaces: microUSB 2.0 type C, SD slot
  • Can be set up on a tripod


Download the datasheets for Sonel Solar Duo Kit

Download Datasheet Solar MPI-540-PV

Download Datasheet Sonel KT-128