Sonel KT series is an efficient, budget-friendly and professional infrared camera.

This robust and very handy high-tech system thanks to its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation, which makes in an ideal tool for troubleshooting electrical installations, mechanical components, buildings, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and others.

Features and benefits of Sonel KT:

  • Friendly UI, easy to use without training.
  • Affordable as entry level diagnostic tool.
  • Removable large capacity Li-ion battery.
  • 4 hour working time.
  • 3,5’’ large screen with no image cropping, high brightness screen to show image with no detailed information lost even outdoor or in highlight.
  • Rugged and compact design, metal internal structure.
  • Standard Micro USB interface for data transmission and charging.
  • Wi-Fi connection (Optional).


  • Electric inspection and diagnosis.
  • Building inspection and diagnosis.
  • Mechanical equipment maintenance.
  • Manufacturing process service.
  • Petrochemical industry maintenance.

Download Datasheet KT-145