Sonel TUD-1 is a compact and portable meter that receives ultrasonic waves transmitted through the air. The meter converts the ultrasonic waves into acoustic sounds in the range audible through the human ear. The device amplifies the received signals and after conversion, the TUD-1 displays the measurements on a clear diode bargraph and sounds an acoustic signal through the headset.

Sonel TUD-1 is a portable device that allows you to monitor the following:

Locate the electric discharges from sources including power lines, generators, insulators and transformers.
Search for leaks in pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
Check for the leak of water and gas supply from areas such as pipelines, taps and valves, elements of hydraulic equipment, pumps and compressors,
Make diagnostics of the condition of mechanical system components such as bearings, gears, drive shafts, pumps, compressors or generators.

The specification of TUD-1

  • centre frequency of detected ultrasound radiation: (40±1) kHz
  • dynamic range: ≥60 dB
  • power consumption: ≤0,35 W
  • power supply: 9 V (6LR61 / MN1604)
  • time of continuous operation: ≥20 h
  • weight with battery installed: ≤0,22 kg
  • dimensions: 190 x 60 x 70 mm
  • relative humidity not exceeding: 80% at +20ºС
  • operating temperature range: -20ºС…+45ºС
  • maximum operating altitude: 2000 m
  • storage temperature: -20..+60ºC
  • max. relative humidity of storage: 80% at a temp. up to 31ºC, linearly decreasing to 50% with temp. increasing to 40ºC

Download Datasheet TUD-1