Sonel GUD-1 is an alternative ultrasonic source used for lossless simulation of leaks. The generator allows locating damages and leaks in preliminary test or places where insufficient pressure occurs.

In cases where tested systems are not filled with a factor, and at the same time there is no leakage detected, the ultrasonic generator GUD-1 is required. It works on a simple bases. It produces sounds that occur during the leakage, making the test safer and lossless. The turned on generator is placed inside the system and then closed. The generated ultrasounds spread throughout the entire installation, leaking in places of damage. Then, using the TUD-1 ultrasonic detector, the operator seeks for sources of signal, which means spots of alleged damage.
The TG-1 contains both devices, which makes it a comprehensive set for leak and electric discharge detection.

Download Datasheet GUD-1