Our Power Quality Health Check survey monitors the basic power quality parameters we consider give a good overall indication of your electrical installations health. Results are presented to present minimum, maximum and average of power measurements, with colour coding of harmonic measurements to provide quick and easy indication of potential issues. Comments and recommendations for remedial power quality solutions is included in the report.

The survey is conducted over a 7 day / 1 week period and monitors the following electrical parameters

  • V – Voltage
  • A – Current
  • Hz – Fundamental Voltage Frequency
  • kW – Watts
  • kVA – Apparent Power
  • kVAR – Reactive Power
  • PF – Power Factor
  • THD V – Total Harmonic Distortion of Voltage
  • THD I – Total Harmonic Distortion of Current
  • Vh – Odd Voltage Harmonics up to 9th (Visual Indication of Okay, Advisory, Investigate)
  • Ih – Odd Current Harmonics up to 15th (Visual Indication of Okay, Advisory, Investigate)