Both the UK Government and Scottish Government have issued advice about how good air quality and ventilation can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. To help with the monitoring of the ventilated fresh air in your workplace Power Quality Expert is now able to offer the AirQ SANI O3.

UK Government advice on ventilation
Scottish Government advice on ventilation

The AirQ SANI O3 meter is more than just an air quality meter. It also offers you a solution by sanitising the environment and surfaces using Ozone. Ozone is an ideal solution for destroying bacteria, mould and inactivating viruses. The device is able to produce 10000mg/h of Ozone along with being able to measure the VOC(Volatile Organic compounds), CO2eq (CO2 Equivalent), Temperature, Relative Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure.

By using programmable activation times the sanitation process can be automated to run at times the office, building or workplace is unused. The programming and recording of the sanitation processes can be accessed through smartphones, tablets and PC using an integrated web interface in the meter.

Download the datasheet on the AirQ SANI O3 to learn more about the air quality and sanitation metering and monitoring solutions available, or contact us for more information.