Power Quality Expert is proud to announce the launch of its new sister website Power Quality Training.  Developed from our  Power Quality technical division around our PQ surveying and energy profiling services, we identified a need from certain core customers who expressed an interest in moving into Power Quality themselves.  This interested fueled by some by the introduction of Energy Efficiency into the new 18th Edition Part 8 lead us to introduce a dedicated division to provide training on Power Quality and Energy along with introductions to some of the standards and legislation surrounding these new areas of opportunities for Electrical Contractors and Electrical Engineers.

Currently we operate two training courses, an Introduction to Power Quality as a half day session and a full day course on the key aspects of Power Quality.  Venues operate around the UK and Ireland in conjuction with our partners for the Sonel range of test equipment which includes Class A Power Quality Analysers and Class S Power Quality Analysers and Energy Loggers.

More information can be found at www.powerqualitytraining.com or email us on training@powerqualityexpert.com