With people returning to work and with that a focus on preventing the transmission of COVID-19, more people are adopting the practice of regular washing of hands and cleaning of equipment.

Test equipment used by electrical contractors is no exception to this rule. However, when cleaning and wiping down test instruments it should be considered that water and cleaning fluid may find a way inside the meters, which could cause potential danger to the user and damage to the equipment.

Test equipment that carries an IP rating can help identify the level of Ingress Protection the meter has. The IP Code is an IEC standard that rates the degree of protection provided by electrical enclosures against dust and water.

The IP rating is designated by two digits, the first defines the level of protection from solid materials and the second digits defines the level of protection from moisture. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection.

Sonel test equipment range has a selection of IP rated equipment for most everyday electrical contracting testing.

Multi Function Testers – IP54
High Voltage Insulation Testers (5kV, 10kV) – IP67 (IP40 with open housing cover)
High Voltage Insulation Meters (5kV, 2.5kV) – IP65
Insulation Tester (1kV) – IP67
High Current Fault Loop Impedance Meters – IP67 (IP20 with front cover open)
650V Fault Loop Impedance Meter – IP54
LV Fault Loop Impedance Meter – IP67
Earth Resistance Meter – IP54
Earth Tester – IP67
Thermal Imagers – IP54
Thermal Cameras – IP43
High Current Micro Ohmmeters – IP67 (IP40 with open cover)
10A Micro Ohmmeters – IP67 (IP54 with open cover)
Cable Avoid Tools – IP65, IP54
Commercial and Domestic Cable Wire Tracers – IP40 (Receiver) IP67 (Transmitter)
Time Domain Reflectometer – IP67
Power Quality Analysers – IP51 and IP65
Portable Appliance Testers – IP67 (IP40 with front cover open)
Digital Clampmeters – IP40
Digital Multimeters – IP67

For more information please visit our online catalogue of Sonel Test Equipment.