To help electrical contractors and engineers better understand the harmonic measurements displayed on modern power meters, energy meters and test equipment, Power Quality Expert has released an internal developed mobile app. The Power Quality Health Check companion app is available on the Google Play Store to download on your Android mobile phone or tablet.

To download the Power Quality Health Check app search for ‘Power Quality Health Check’ or ‘Power Quality Expert’ on the Google Play Store and you’ll be able to:

– Quickly assess harmonics
– Produce an intuitive report for your customer
– Help establish the requirement for power quality survey work

By taking the instantaneous measurements seen on your metering, the app allows for a simple intuitive PDF report to be produced and emailed straight from your device to your client. This report can be used to help establish a requirement for you to provide a further power quality survey or it can be used to build a record of results.

If a further survey is deemed necessary, we are further able to help by providing power quality analysis of your data and power quality reporting either with our established Power Quality Health Check service or through our online Power Quality Clinic consultancy.

To learn more about the Power Quality Health Check mobile app go to the Google Store or watch the short YouTube demonstration video.


Get it on Google Play

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