MPI Multi Function Testers from SONEL have been widely popular among installers worldwide. The new generation of these devices, with the new flagship model Sonel MPI-540, are a step into the future. The new meter is able to perform comprehensive 18th edition measurements with the addition of other power quality tests. The meter has also qualified for the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) on the ETL list.

Touch the Future“. The MPI-540 includes new technology.

• The meter has a 7-inch graphical display with backlit touch-screen, for easy read-outs and operation.

• Complys to requirements of IEC 61010. Increased protection to IP51s.

• Complys with IEC 61557 standard for the measurement of power quality parameters specified in IEC 61000-4-30 for Class S accuracy.

• On-screen keyboard for entering limit values of the insulation resistance.

• Measurement of fault loop impedance (Resolution of 0.001 Ω)

• Fault loop impedance measurement.

• Measurement of RCD tripping current (AC, A, F, B, B+, normal, selective and short-time-delay with a nominal current from 10 mA to 1000 mA. An additional, unique feature is the measurement of tripping time and current during one RCD tripping event)

• Resistance measurement with the use of mains plug adapter.

• Earth resistance measurement using the three-lead method.

• Continuity measurement of equipotential connection.

• Checking the phase sequence and motor rotation.

• 3-phase recording of power supply parameters including measurement of voltage and current harmonics.

• Built-in energy loss calculator ensures quick estimation of potential costs resulting from poor power quality.

• New Li-Ion battery technology ensures operation for up to 8 hours with full charging of the battery only taking around 2 hours.

• The Sonel MPI-540 is future proof with all software updates made available free when new features are developed.

• Compatible with Power Quality Health Check.


Quick diagnosis of Power Quality parameters.

The Sonel MPI-540 offers real-time measurement of parameters which are necessary for a quick assessment of power supply quality. In addition to measuring voltage and current, the meter also measures all power parameters, THD, voltage and current harmonics, unbalance and power factors.

The standard equipment of the meter provides measurements in single-phase and multi-phase circuits. F-3A flexible clamps with the range of 3 kA guarantee a wide range of applications in measurements. Measurement of power parameters allows calculations of energy loss and active energy tariffs facilitate to estimate how much money over time (e.g. on annual basis) is lost due to the poor parameters of power supply. You can also choose the economically optimal active energy tariff. Sonel Analysis software supplied with the meter completes it with the advanced analysis of data downloaded from the Sonel MPI-540.

The meter is supplied with a rich set of accessories. In order to efficiently carry out tests, the manufacturer offers test leads (1.2 m), blade probes, crocodile clips, a set for earthing measurements (a probe driven to the ground and 15 m/ 30 m leads on spools), 3 kA flexible clamps for current measurements, adapters with M4/M6 thread, carrying case, accessories and power supply adapter. All measuring accessories comply with safety standards. The UK model also includes a starter pack of vouchers for use with Power Quality Health Check to enable you to start analysing power quality problems with our online reporting service.

For more information on the meter visit our 18th Edition Power Quality Multi Function Tester product page or contact us to learn who more about the ETL / ECA Capital Allowance Scheme.