MRU-200 is one of the unique meters on the market which uses all the measurement methods.

Possible measurements:

  • Earth resistance measurement with 2-pole, 3-pole,4-pole method.
  • Selective earth resistance measurement with clamp (no influence from parallel earths; no opening of rusty junctions is needed).
  • BS:EN62305 Lightning Impulse earth resistance measurement, three kinds of measuring impulse 4/10μs, 8/20μs, 10/350μs
  • Two clamps earth resistance measurement without auxiliary test probes.
  • Earth resistivity measurement.
  • Leakage current measurement.

Using the additional Sonel ERP-1 pylon tower testing adapter and the Sonel MRU-200 series of earth resistivity meters makes the measurement of the earth resistance of transmission line pylons and the earth resistance of the pylon tower footings easy to perform.

Download Datasheet MRU-200

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