The latest part of the trilogy of introductory webinars on Power Quality was presented at the Voltimum Live event in September.  Power Quality Expert discussed areas of  Energy Efficiency Measurements and how to make energy measurements with power quality and energy logging equipment.

The webinar was recorded to a live audience and included an interactive Q&A session.  The webinar is available to view on demand through the Voltimum Academy.

All previous presentations given by us are available and include topics on Power Quality and Energy Efficiency and BS:EN 50160 – Voltage Characteristics of Electricity Supplied by Public Electricity Networks, Harmonic Measurements.

The energy efficiency measurements webinar discussed and explained topics including –

  • Introduction
    • Power Quality Expert
    • Sonel – Portable Test Equipment
    • Electrex – Fixed Sub Metering Systems
    • What is Power Quality?
  • Energy Legislation and Standards
    • BS:EN50001
    • ESOS, CRC and SECR
    • ETL (Energy Technology List)
  • Energy Measurements
    • V, A, kW/h, kVA/h, kVAR/h, PF
    • Measurement results and what they can tell us
  • Analysis of Results
    • Power Quality Health Check Report
    • Power Quality Clinic
  • Instrumentation
    • Power Quality Analysers and Power Energy Loggers
    • Fixed Metering and Energy Management Systems

Visit the Voltimum Academy to view the complete collection of Power Quality Expert webinars and presentations.