The Sonel TDR-420 is a Time Domain Reflectometer Cable Fault Locator designed to identify and locate faults in Power Cables, Telecommunications Cables. The TDR reflectometer is designed to measure the distance of the damage or impedance variation in cables up to 6km in length.

The meter has a colour display which features two cursors to allow for highlighting the places of two faults at the same time showing the distance between them.

Electrical Engineers and Cable Fault Location can sometimes be in difficult weather conditions, the unique case for the TDR-420 give protection up to IP67 for the instrument. IP67 is rated as dustproof with protection against water penetration for short-term immersion, making working in a very dusty area or accidentally dropping the device in water or mud will not affect the correct operation of the TDR Cable Fault Locator.

The Sonel TDR-420 is available for onsite demonstration.  More information can be seen on the product page.