ESTA aM&T Conference Coventry 2018

Thursday 8th March saw the 16th annual Automated Monitoring & Targeting conference at the regular Ricoh Arena venue in Coventry.  The event is host by ESTA and attended by some the Energy industry's leading technology and solution providers from the associations aM&T Automatic Monitoring and Targeting group.  A full day of content was on offer [...]

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Welcome to Industrial Services (NW) Limited

Industrial Services (NW) in Southport has joined our growing network of test equipment specialists to supply the Sonel range of electrical test meters.  Industrial Services has a history of supplying quality test equipment to the electrical industry backed up with a repair and calibration service from dedicated engineers to support their customers.  To speak with [...]

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ECA Commercial Associate

Following on from our recent presentation to the ECA on Power Quality we were invited to become a member of the ECA Commerical Associate programme.  Our application was successfully approved and we are now honoured to be a member of the UKs largest Electrical Contracting Association.  As a commercial associate of the ECA we are [...]

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ECA Power Quality Presentation

Power Quality Expert were pleased to be invited to present to the ECA in January to cover topics relevant to the changing face of modern electrical contracting.  In keeping with proposed changes in the upcoming 18th edition we talked to the members about "What is Power Factor Correction" and "How to Measure and Calculate Power [...]

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Class S Power Quality Analyser – 50th Harmonic

Sonel has released a firmware update to their Class S Power Quality Analyser PQM-707. The update adds analysis of harmonics up to the 50th order to allow monitoring of test parameters when looking at higher frequency harmonics. The update adds to previous revisions to the meter which now includes Inrush Current and Energy Tariff Calculation [...]

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Power Quality Training

Power Quality Expert is proud to announce the launch of its new sister website Power Quality Training.  Developed from our  Power Quality technical division around our PQ surveying and energy profiling services, we identified a need from certain core customers who expressed an interest in moving into Power Quality themselves.  This interested fueled by some [...]

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Electrical Review Power Quality Technical Article

Power Quality Expert has successfully submitted another technical article to the electrical trade press. The article is aimed to provide a general overview of Power and Energy for electrical engineers interested in getting more involved with Power Quality. Anyone interested in these topics can consult with us for our on-site Power Quality and Harmonics Surveys [...]

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Power Quality Seminar hosted by Alpha Electronics and Sonel

Power Quality Expert was asked to present a Power Quality Seminar for Alpha Electronics in conjunction with the latest meters from the Sonel range of test equipment. The full day event covered a range of bespoke Power Quality and Energy related topics and was designed around their requirements and the interests of their invited customers.  [...]

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Energy Technology List Approval

The Carbon Trust has approved the Power Quality Expert range of Sonel Power Quality Analysers PQM-700, PQM-702, PQM-703, PQM-710, PQM-711 for inclusion on the Government Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Energy Technology List. The list was established by the UK Government and was created along with the Energy Capital Allowance scheme to help [...]

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Welcome to PASS tester.co.uk

PASS is our newest distributor to offer the Sonel brand to its customers. PASS aims to cater for all professionals and looks to constantly update their product listings with the latest equipment.  The Sonel range of Micro-Ohmmeters is the latest product line that has been added to their extensive range of range of electrical testers [...]

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