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Sonel CMP-3000 – Professional Clamp Meter

The Sonel CMP-3000 belongs to a new generation of Sonel clamp meters by combining innovation, durability and high-tech solutions. Why is it so special? Thanks to its equipment and capabilities. The standard flexible current probe (Rogowski coil) with a diameter of up to 160 mm provides easy and safe measurements of AC current up to [...]

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6000A Flexible Rogowski Coil Clamp

Sonel has introduced a new range of flexible rogowski coil clamps to complement their existing current clamp range. The flexible clamps are available in sizes to fit conductors of 120mm, 235mm or 360mm diameter. Their measurement range is from 6A up to 6000A AC with an overload range of 20kA (20000A) AC with a basic [...]

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Sonel Test & Measurement

Power Quality Expert are now proud to be working with Sonel Test & Measurement to represent, support and begin the development of their brand of test equipment into the UK and Eire. Our goal is to establish and work with a network of specialist test and measurement companys capable of offering the Sonel range of [...]

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