Step by step instructions on how to use a power quality analyser are now available from Sonel for their range of Power Quality Analysers. The Quick Start and Quick Guides take you through the process of how to get a power quality analyser setup and ready to record.

The main steps of setting up a power quality analyser are –

Getting Started

  • Connect the Analyser to the setup software
  • Create a measurement configuration
  • Choose the mains system
  • Adjusting the current transducer settings


  • Install the analyser
  • Choose the active configuration
  • Verify the configuration
  • Connect the analyser to the measured mains
  • Verify mains status and analyser connection
  • Verify additional parameters
  • Adjust Analyser settings
  • Start Recording
  • View the readings
  • Monitor the meter and measurements
  • Finish Recording

Data Analysis

  • Download data from the analyser
  • Choose the recording for analysis
  • Analyse the data
    • Use the analysis software
    • Use the Power Quality Expert Power Quality Health Check service to analyse and prepare your power quality report.

To download the quick start or quick guide for your Sonel power analyser visit our power quality analyser website or use the following links to view the PDFs.

Quick Start

Quick Guide